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Customer Reviews

Yan Sawiki, 68

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 2 May 2023

Let me be 'brief'. I'm 68 in three days time.
The models in your promo's are certainly not.
I may have looked like them,way back, but probably never did.
The thing is,
when I put on my Crossfly Boxers, I feel 18 again.
I don't like spending money on myself, especially on something that's invisible to everyone else, but in this case it's justified.
The effect is instant and lifts my spirit too.

And if anyone asks why I'm smiling I'll tell them that it's because I'm not looking anymore for something I didn't know I needed until I found it. Trust me, you won't look back.

Based on 786 reviews
nice socks

l found the low-cut socks perfect and comfortable am a size 8 in foot-wear, l advise a XL as they are not tight round the ankle.

3" trunks

I purchased the size according to the size chart, wish I had ordered a size smaller. Feels like too much material. They are nice though.

Bad design

Nothing stays where they’re supposed to.

Outstanding fit and comfort!

Very pleased with Crossfly! I’m a fan. Definitely go one size down if you’re between sizes.

So far so good.

I bought them for my son as a birthday present but he's a young man of few words when it's about his underwear. He hasn't complained so they must be ok or more than ok, as I bought them for supporting his 'crown jewels' more than for anything else. What I'm really pleased about is that he received them quickly by post, as he's living in the middle of nowhere in the Highlands of Scotland. Well done postie.

The best socks

Very comfortable and a perfect fit. Also, very light and breathable.


After one day of wearing them the stitching came undone around the crotch pouch

Crossfly are going places!

The best underwear I have ever worn. So comfortable and so clever!

Excellent, fits well, supports well, lovely material

Very pleased with these socks

First impressions- very comfortable and fit well - good quality will buy some more shortly

Not a loose comfort fit

Unfortunately for me the socks were not a comfort loose fit as l exspected and not suitable for diabetics

Excellent Socks

Nice fit and feel to them

One small but kinda big problem

So the material of the underwear feels great no complaints there. I do experience some ride up in the thighs so that’s not so pleasant but I can deal with that. So here’s where it’s a little problematic, let’s put it this way…anytime my not so little guy gets “happy”, it pops out the access fly and says hello. That would be fine and acceptable if it occurred when I’m about to get action but let’s face it men randomly get “happy” so that’s where it’s a bit problematic. Not sure if this issue wasn’t taken into consideration when designing these underwear, but it’s kinda strange to me that it wouldn’t be a factor when designing them. I can’t be the only person who has experienced this either but yea it’s a pretty big draw back to the underwear.

Good boxers

I've been looking for decent boxers that don't ride up your legs or into your crotch for ages, so tried one pair of XLs. These feel great but are bit lose, so I suspect L would be spot on. So I've just ordered a second pair of Ls to see how these fit. I'll post again once these have arrived and I've tried them out. Looking good, hopefully and I'll give 5 stars if the fit is spot on.

Classy well-made underwear

Excellent materials, excellent fit. Great for everyday wear, workouts or lounging around the house.

I like the 6" length better

The legs seem to not hold well during the day on the 3". Also had material quality issues with the patterned boxers, where after one wash they looked a lot more worn (like a years worth of wear.) I did reach out to Crossfly and they did rectify the situation to my satisfaction.

PRO Men's 7" Boxers - Black/Silver

Super Comfy

I like the 6" a lot better than the 3" as the legs on the 3" seem to ride up a bit. Material is super comfy. Love the fly design, easy access reaching in from the top, easy to find with the X design, and the ability for the material to "stop the last drop" and prevent embarrassing moments is great.

Superior Comfort and Support

I have purchased many different types of underwear seeking the support that a male needs for his testicles! The 3 inch was a perfect fit and the fiber is soft and comfortable. The profile is terrific.

Poor communication

Socks were too tight and not the comfortable cushion l was exspecting so presently waiting for a returns label..but after 2 emails it still has not arrived ! a frustrated possibly non returning customer

Soft and squishy

They're very soft and comfortable and fit nice but after just one pair they looked like an electrocuted cat with how much they pill. Still nice on the inside at least


Quality product says what it does

IKON Men's 6" Boxers - Navy
Patrick Driscoll
Best pair of underwear

I received the first pair as a gift. After wearing them I have purchased 5 more pairs! Love these things!

Game Changer

Complete game changer, they are my second favorite pair of underwear next to the Crossfly Icons!

great socks!

Perfect blend of durability, comfort, and thickness. Highly Recommend!

Discover Crossfly

Crossfly has been a vision of a small team of sporting product professionals from the UK and America. Together, we have acquired decades of experience working in the Sports industry for global brands within Marketing and Product Innovation. After a few false starts, some legal issues, a eureka moment, and a global Pandemic Crossfly was finally ready to get going.

WE'VE RAISED THE BAR and deliver the most comfortable underwear and socks you will ever wear; packed with patent pending technologies and features that offer ultimate comfort whatever you're doing. GAME. CHANGED.