Innovative internal pocket system provides greater comfort and support, eliminating skin on skin friction and chafing, keeping you cool when it matters.

    • Provides skin on skin separation
    • In or Out: Let everything fit naturally or pop them in the Coccoon
    • Great comfort and support
    • Encourages air flow

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    The purpose of the Coccoon internal pocket system is to separate your private parts from your thighs. The resulting comfort and support is unrivalled and the best in the world. Whether you let everything fit naturally or pop your package in the Coccoon, the side walls are activated when you wear the underwear which provides skin on skin separation.

    The Coccoon internal pocket is featured in both our Everyday and Performance Series so you are guaranteed comfort at the Crossfly level.

    Our fabric mix ensures that you stay fresh and dry as they are breathable, fast drying and sweat wicking.


    The Coccoon keeps everything in one place without the jiggling or bouncing!

    Underneath the surface, some men may have experienced what they thought was the norm: Stickiness, sweatiness and smelliness.

    This doesn't have to be with our Coccoon technology. Chafing can be a thing of the past so you can focus on your game.

    With COCCOON™

    • No chafing
    • No sweatiness
    • No stickiness
    • No smelliness
    • No excess drips
    • Greater support
    • Ultimate comfort
    • No turning back


    Simply put, the Coccoon separates your private parts from your thighs. It's designed to eliminate skin on skin friction and chafing, keeping you cool when it matters so any discomfort is history.

    Our innovative pocket system is a patent pending technology which provides maximum comfort and support for every eventuality; whether you're commuting to work, jogging or serving on match point on the tennis court. The uplift you get from the Coccoon is truly unrivalled and once you've tried, you'll never go back to standard underwear.

  • X-fly & thumb tab

    Patented design that enables easier, faster access through your trouser fly, removing the need to reach in and pull your waistband down or to undo your trousers.

    • Arguably the fastest fly on the market
    • No more fumbling
    • No need to pull down waistband
    • Assisted by the Central Thumb Tab

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    Because X is why

    Y-Fronts have been around since 1934 and in nearly a century Men's underwear has not really moved on. We decided it was time to reboot the system; and in the process we found that X is better, faster, easier... and X is WHY.

    Just reach through your trouser fly and pull down on the X-Fly Thumb Tab!


    Locate the X-Fly opening easily with the Thumb Tab, which features a tactile Crossfly logo.

    Whether you're in a rush or in the dark, the Thumb Tab guarantees immediate access. A small but very effective feature.

    Take a pair of these for a test drive and we promise you'll never look back. The X-Fly just makes too much sense, (and sometimes speed really matters)!

    • Faster: A shortcut for easy access.
    • Easier: Thumb Tab central location point eases the process even more. Just reach in and go.
    • For everyone: Whether you're on the 15th tee, on a 10 mile hike, or just have a weak bladder. When nature calls, the X-Fly has you covered.
    • Great design: It's not just efficient, it also looks great.
  • DRI-PX2

    Our ‘No Show’ Dual layer protects against excess drips and moisture. Its technical qualities and light breathable fabric ensure you’re comfortable all day long. The Dri-PX2 dual layer is especially effective when in a rush or when nature calls more frequently.

    • Protective ‘No Show’ dual layer
    • No more excess drips or moisture
    • Discreet

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    This clever design makes sure that excess moisture is hidden with our 'no show' dual layers. This uses lightweight breathable fabric that is so soft, you will get that instant "ooh!" moment.

  • Zerofold 360

    Using top quality fabric, our ZeroFold 360 Waistband is designed to stay in place however active you are.

    • Waistband that stays in place
    • Moves with you
    • Brushed finish on the inside for next-to-skin comfort

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    The ZeroFold 360 waistband featured on all our underwear is made to ensure it stays in place whatever your movement. We don't want you to always be adjusting them.

    Our Everyday Series goes a step further to ensure comfort to the max and you'll find a brushed finish on the inside of the waistband for next-to-skin softness.

    With Zerofold 360

    • Clever: Features you didn't know you needed (that you would miss if they were now taken away!)
    • No adjustment needed: Our waistband just stays in place whether you're on a leisurely walk or doing something more active.
  • sustainability

    At Crossfly, we're dedicated to sustainability in every aspect of our business. From our products to our packaging, we prioritise eco-friendly methods and materials.

    • Our IKON products are crafted using sustainably sourced modal fabric
    • 100% recyclable packaging; entirely free from plastic

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    Modal fabric, renowned for its luxurious softness and durability, is a prime example of sustainable textile innovation and this is why we have chosen modal over cotton or bamboo. Derived from beech trees, a replenishable and fast-growing natural resource, modal production boasts significantly lower environmental impact compared to conventional cotton cultivation. Unlike cotton, which requires extensive irrigation and pesticides, modal production relies on a closed-loop process that recycles water and chemicals, minimising waste and pollution.

    This eco-conscious approach not only conserves water but also reduces energy consumption, making modal a standout choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

    Moreover, the unique properties of modal fabric extend beyond its environmental benefits. Its exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities make it an ideal choice for clothing such as underwear. Despite its luxurious feel, modal fabric is impressively strong ensuring longevity. And, this is why we tell our customers to "Buy Nice and not Twice".

    By opting for modal-based products, consumers not only contribute to environmental preservation but also enjoy high-quality, sustainable goods that stand the test of time.


    Our compression boxers (Pro 7") are designed for high-intensity activities with breathable materials so you can stay fresher for longer.

    • Anti-microbial fabric
    • Dries fast & wicks moisture
    • Longer legs stop inner thighs from rubbing together.

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    Our anti-microbial fabric is treated so that unwanted smells are eliminated. Our Crossfly Pro 7" are designed with breathable materials so you can stay fresher for longer.


    The breathable qualities in the strategically positioned mesh panels gets rid of moisture and dries fast to ensure maximum comfort.

    With Stay Fresh

    • Next to skin softness
    • Breathable dual layer fabric
    • Top quality material

    Check out the video from ultra-runner @DickieGoodTimes.