• AirVent

    Lightweight and breathable mesh combined with padded logo on topside to disperse and prevent friction points.

    • Breathable
    • Wicks moisture quickly
    • Best for high intensity sports

    Explore socks with the AirVent Technology.

  • Flat toe Seams

    All Crossfly socks are made with Flat toe seams which avoid unnecessary friction points.

    • A standard feature across all Crossfly socks
    • Be Comfortable from the moment you put them on

    Explore socks with flat toe seams.

  • Air Beams

    Strategically positioned on the top & underside to help relieve pressure and create air channels.

    • Strategically positioned to encourage air flow
    • Added comfort

    Explore socks with AirBeams.

  • Anti-blister

    Anti-blister padded ankle support protects against discomfort.

    • Cushion every step
    • Go on a trek without worrying about irritation and friction caused by rubbing

    Explore socks with anti-blister support.

  • Super-soft cotton

    Crossfly Everyday socks are made with Cotton for all day comfort and natural breathability.

    • Naturally soft & breathable
    • Long-lasting material
    • Perfect for everyday wear

    Explore socks made with our cotton blend.

  • Reflective Badge

    Running into dusk may be fun for many and with the added feature of a Reflective Badge, we keep runners safer in low light.

    • Evening runs made safer
    • Heat-sealed badge / No thread that may cause unecessary irritation

    Explore socks with Reflective Badge.

  • Wing Tab

    A simple yet effective Wing Tab that protects against undesired rubbing so you can focus on every stride.

    • Added cushioning at the heel
    • No more rubbing against your footwear

    Explore socks with Wing Tab.

  • 180 / 360 Hold

    Arch support with ribbing structure offers ultimate comfort.

    • 180 Hold offers either topside or underside support
    • 360 Hold offers all round support for ultimate comfort

    Explore socks made with 180 / 360 Hold.

  • InfiniteWear

    High performance compression fabric is guaranteed for life.

    • Compression fit
    • Feature in Crew Cut socks
    • Perfect for mild intensity actvities such as walks and golfing.

    Explore socks with InfiniteWear.

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