Men's underwear choices - boxers, briefs or boxer briefs.

Men's Underwear Design - an Overview

From designer underwear to bargain picks

Underwear is the most personal of all our garments. It's the first on and the last off, the secret statement for yourself and private moments - it ought to reflect your taste and style.

Too easily do we pick only according to the most affordable prices, opting for regularity and even mediocrity as we choose this most precious of accessories.

Prices vs quality

This blog is here to inspire you out of that mindset. You have only one life and one body to adorn, and there has never been more diversity of style to choose from.

Let's cover the basic styles and the unique properties they offer.

men's underwear choices - boxers, briefs or boxer briefs

Boxer briefs et al., the styles of underwear

A revolution in mens' underwear unfolded in Chicago in the first part of the 20th century. Arthur Kniebler invented the modern brief in 1934, after receiving a postcard from the fashionable swimming destinations on the French Riviera which showcased the swimsuits there.

French riviera mens underwear

Concurrently, the boxing culture that enthralled America made its leap into popular clothing with the boxer shorts. A few years later in 1925, Jacob Golomb introduced the elastic waistband, making it viable for everyday wear.

Then there were two

For a long time, these were the options for men's underwear: boxers or briefs.

What we projected onto these perhaps binary styles - that's where the story is.

boxers vs briefs

What are different styles of men's underwear?

They seemed to articulate two opposing impulses: the support and slimness of briefs was the perfect choice for the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - they were civilized and sleek.

Boxers, on the other hand, were casual, relaxed; they permitted the natural order of things, providing just enough protection to wear denim.

Man wearing denim

A middle way

Then came the boxer brief, a compromise between extremes, in the early 1990s. It seems natural that a version of men's underwear would emerge to combine what's best from boxers and briefs.

The comforting structure of briefs without the vice grip, ample room to move without feeling unmoored. In principle, boxer briefs are cut to the same shape as boxers, but use the material of briefs.

Modern Underwear

From this point, it's been a sort of arms race (legs race?) between designers to bring as much comfortability, fashion, and uniqueness to these styles.

First, a bit on the general rules for which style is suited to you, based on body type -


Best for guys with larger thighs. Or the shorter gentleman. Or the more well-endowed.

Briefs have come a long way, and they are still perfect for some of us.

If your thighs cause boxer shorts to ride up uncomfortably, switching to briefs might be the change you need.

Additionally, the cut of briefs makes your legs appear as long as can be, making these proportionally perfect for short guys. And the extra support can be needed if you have a lot going on down there.

All about the cut

Because briefs are form-fitting, the cut and shape of a pair is very important. As every body is different, every brand will make their briefs with slight variations in factors like the cut of the leg holes. Try different designers if you can, to find the ones that feel right to you.

They certainly reveal more, and if you want to show off those gym-honed quads, briefs can help.

If you're partial to skinny jeans or trousers, briefs have the advantage of being the most low-profile of common styles. No unsightly bunching at the waistband.

The Crossfly IKON 3" Trunk is our take on briefs, prioritizing support and discretion in an exceedingly comfortable fit. It is made from super soft and sustainable Modal fabric and features the patented Coccoon pocket system which truly elevates this pair.


Maximum breathability and easy-going comfort.

While the lack of any structure (in our opinion) restricts the versatility of the pure boxer short, it still is the best for temperature regulation, making them perfect for sleepwear.

Contemporary fashion has updated the boxer, and now the market abounds with slimmer, more flattering boxers in tasteful fabrics.

Crossfly men's underwear

Here at Crossfly, we needed to provide a bit more support but wanted to keep the temperature regulation of classic boxers. The IKON 6" or PRO 7" boxer is cut for the freedom of these older styles but employs the Coccoon and sleekness of our signature.

You can have it all, the comfort of boxers with the assurance of something with more structure.

Boxer briefs

Particularly good for taller men.

Boxer briefs encompass a wide swath of the men's underwear market.

Their essence

Aimed at satisfying the demands of both boxers and briefs, the signature of the style is actually found in the length of the leg. Boxer briefs tend to be longer, with a roomy fit around the hips (great for those with a larger posterior) but still enough structure to go all day.

What is the most popular mens' underwear style?

More and more, the most popular style is indeed the boxer brief. We don't need to be polarized, choosing one extreme or the other. There are virtues to boxers and virtues to briefs, and the best choice should take what works from both styles and blend them into one.

Crossfly's solution

Crossfly's underwear has many characteristics of boxer briefs, and ultimately, the intersections between styles are more important than their differences.

Those Pro 7" boxers? You could just as well call them boxer briefs. Because we aren't hung up on the semantics of men's underwear. Our singular focus is making the best underwear possible, and that means taking the good ideas from briefs and boxers alike.

Crossfly Pro 7

The result

The perfect fit would mean that you have enough room to accommodate any package or gluteus, but also the structure to keep you comfortable and not mess up the fit of your pants. The best men's underwear should take what works and forget what doesn't.

And with our leading-edge fabric technology, you'll be staying cool and dry no matter the occasion. It's a wardrobe staple, a wishlist product at an affordable price, the best underwear all-around.


Men's designer underwear is a wide world. There are more styles than is possible to discuss.

You could choose the same, uniform black pair of briefs every single day. You could pay a few dollars for a pair, or over a hundred.

Choices, choices

Or - you could have a rainbow of patterns and colors. Paisley, striped, color-blocked, and in all manners of cuts for different days - boxers for lounging, briefs for the night out, boxer briefs for something in between, jockstraps for something spicier.

Note the possibilities. There are designers to appeal to everyone and anyone. They could be discreet or covered in a flashy logo. Your underwear drawer is like your fingerprint, and that's worth celebrating.

Crossfly's clarity

Despite the joyous diversity of men's underwear, we understand that it shouldn't feel like an impossible puzzle acquiring some skivvies that suit you. Our underwear is made for every man in every scenario, with effective technology and comfort being our highest priorities. Check out our styles and find a pair that speaks to you - we promise you won't need to look anywhere else.

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