What to Look for in Comfortable Underwear When Travelling

What to Look for in Comfortable Underwear When Travelling

Travel can be exciting, but it can also be tiring and uncomfortable. From long flights to endless walking, your body is bound to feel it. One area you won't want to neglect is your underwear. Just like your shoes, comfortable underwear is essential for a comfortable trip. In this blog post, we will discuss what to look for in comfortable underwear when travelling, with a particular focus on supportive men's underwear and 7-inch boxer briefs.

  1. Support is Key

It's easy to overlook the importance of support when choosing underwear for travel. However, the last thing you want is your underwear slipping around, chafing, or getting bunched up. Look for underwear that provides adequate support, particularly in the areas that matter most. If you're a man, supportive men's underwear made from materials like modal are excellent for support, without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Material Matters

The material of your underwear can significantly impact your comfort levels when travelling. Cotton is a popular choice, thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking properties as well as modal material. Seamless underwear such as Crossfly underwear with its Modal material and moisture-wicking properties are great for travelling as they eliminate chafing and ensure maximum comfort.

  1. Consider the leg length

When you are travelling, there is often a lot of walking as well as sitting which can lead to boxers chafing or bunching. This is where a longer leg length could come in handy. With Crossfly 7-inch boxer briefs you get comfortable material with excellent coverage while preventing chafing and ride-ups. They are the perfect length for long walks, flights, and other forms of travel. They come in various styles and colours, so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Seamless and moisture-wicking fabric can provide optimum comfort, particularly when travelling during hot weather. In addition, Crossfly 7-inch boxers also feature technology such as an X-Fly as well as a ZeroFold 360 waistband designed for practicality allowing you to answer nature's call with ease, regardless of the transport you are taking.

  1. Be Aware Of Sizing

Another way to ensure you have comfortable underwear when you are travelling is to look at the sizing. When it comes to supportive men's underwear, different brands have different sizing, therefore it is important to make sure you get this right. At Crossfly, we provide sizing guides as well as additional information to make sure you get the best possible fit regardless of the leg length you opt for. Whether it is 3-inch trunks, 6-inch or 7-inch, there is an underwear type for everyone.

When asked about the Crossfly underwear and its wearability when travelling, our customers had this to say:

“With a long haul flight imminent (30th anniversary holiday), I wanted to ensure I could travel in comfort so a pre-holiday purchase of a 3 pack Mens 3" trunks seemed the obvious choice. Smart comfortable and with the all-important "instant access" I'm all set!” - Patrick Robinson

“Think I’ve tried all make’s including more expensive, these are by far all round most comfortable. All day travelling or in the gym, just buy them guys !!” - KJ

In conclusion, choosing the right underwear for travelling can make a world of difference in your comfort levels. Look for supportive underwear with comfortable materials that provide breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

With these tips, you're guaranteed to feel comfortable and confident on your next adventure. Happy travelling!

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