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The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

The best underwear for your comfort

If you're trying to find new underwear, it's easy to get a bit lost in the briefs, so to speak. Underwear variety has exploded in recent years, with more fabrics and styles than can be tallied.

Cutting through the noise

At Crossfly, we take making the best men's underwear seriously. To address a need for a straightforward pair that can satisfy the needs of the many, we went back to the drawing board. The result? The most comfortable underwear for men we've ever worn.

Pillars of comfort


To start, what makes a pair of underwear comfortable? Two things stand out.

1- Fabric

There's no way around the cloth. Even if a pair fits you well (or has a nice look), sub-par fabric will quickly make you regret the purchase.

Because our underwear lies against our skin in our most vulnerable region, the quality of the fabric can't be compromised.

Avoid fabrics that don't breathe well and irritate the skin. Cheap technical fabrics are often the culprits of underwear hell, trapping moisture and heat - the absolute worst combination for your nether-regions.

Natural fabrics, like organic cotton, supima cotton, or merino wool, are usually better options. Feeling a bit more exotic? You can even try sea island cotton trunks.


Done correctly, however, technical fabric has several advantages over cotton, like enhanced moisture absorption and anti-microbial tech.

Crossfly's cloth

Our underwear is made of an extremely high-grade technical fabric. Cotton is great, but we wanted a bit more.

The fabric we chose is extraordinarily breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking. That means you stay cool and dry all day long, with a pair that holds its shape and prevents microbial buildup better than any cotton pair can.

Crossfly Pro 7" Boxer - mesh panel

2- Fit

Once you have a quality fabric, your undies need to fit.

As we've established in previous blogs, there's a lot to consider when it comes to fit. Your body type and your level of activity will largely determine the style you choose.

Briefs offer a structured fit that can be great for guys with bigger thighs or higher levels of activity, but "tighty-whities" can run a bit too snug. Boxers are great for lounging, but many find that they don't offer enough structure when you're out and about.

The boxer brief encompasses many variations, being slightly roomier than classic briefs but not as anarchic as boxers.

By varying the length of the leg, a boxer brief style can fit almost anyone.

Crossfly's styles

Our line currently includes three styles - 3" trunks, 6" boxers, and 7" boxers.

Crossfly underwear shapes

If you like briefs, try the trunks. For something more akin to boxer briefs or boxers, we have the 6" and 7".

Our exhaustive design process has led us toward a golden middle ground between fit extremes - a fit that makes you feel secure without ever pinching or constricting.

Supremely versatile

Crossfly's pairs are for everyday wear – for lounging, walking, running and high intensity sports. The affordable underwear that brings instant clarity to the underwear drawer. Everyone has a go-to pair and mostly, you have to wait until they've been washed so you can wear them again... but with Crossfly Bundles, you can wear your favorite every day?

The best of all underwear worlds

No matter what you prefer to wear, underwear drawers will open with delight at the sight of a pair of Crossflys.

If it isn't clear why Crossfly is - we think - the obvious choice for your next daily wear pair, let's compare to a few well-known brands.

Calvin Klein

An old juggernaut in underwear, Calvin Klein undeniably makes a comfortable pair of cotton boxer briefs. But made of cotton alone, Klein's will never have the moisture-wicking ability or smell minimization of Crossfly's technical fabric.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren makes an iconic everyday essentials boxer. But the fit remains old-school, not offering much more than a thin layer of fabric in vague outline. Crossfly's underwear is designed to wear like a glove - a stretchy, soft, beautiful glove that supports you exactly where you need it to.

Adidas performance boxer

Geared toward high-activity wear, Adidas provides a decent technical option. But with a more breathable fabric and improved fit (have you heard of our Coccoon?), there's nothing these do that Crossfly doesn't do better.

Crossfly Coccoon and X-Fly

The bottom line

Whether you're looking for an everyday boxer brief or an athletic performance-quality pair, Crossfly takes the crown in every category.

It's because we made them that way - without the baggage of classic underwear, Crossfly's design rises above the rest with innovation and precision that frankly, you don't see anywhere else. But don't take our word for it; check out our styles and see for yourself why 9/10 customers rate Crossflys the best underwear they've ever worn. 

Crossfly - 5 star underwear review
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