Crossfly in the press

Our Founder in the Press

Duncan Patmore has created the X-Fly

Read this short interview with Duncan, Founder of Crossfly, in the Independent online - (published February 20, 2022. Written by Grace Gausden)
It has taken 3.5 years to get to the launch date and Crossfly has 3 key styles: IKON , IKON X and PRO in their underwear category. Each product is only launched if they have the ability to "Smash it". 
Duncan Patmore, Founder of Crossfly, Inews

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: “Over a period of time visiting the USA on business I became aware of a whole new premium level of men’s underwear that I didn’t know existed. I set about reinventing the Y-front, whilst at the same time taking the underwear technology I had experienced in the USA to another level.”

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