What is the Best Men's Underwear to Buy?

What is the Best Men's Underwear to Buy?

When it comes to finding the best men's underwear, the answer is far from straightforward. With the men’s underwear UK market being more saturated than ever before, making the right decision can seem like an impossible task. 

The perfect pair for one person might not be ideal for another due to varying preferences and needs. However, several key factors can help guide you to the best men's underwear that the UK market has to offer. So allow us to help you to carefully consider all the variables to make an informed decision.


1. Fabric Matters

The material of your underwear significantly impacts comfort, breathability, and durability. Here are some common fabrics and their benefits:

Modal: This eco-friendly fabric, derived from beech tree pulp, is incredibly soft, breathable, and resistant to shrinking and fading. At Crossfly, we believe this eco-friendly, sustainable material provides the perfect amount of breathability and comfort that every man should enjoy. With our Coccoon allowing for the separation for optimum airflow with the lightweight fabric this is one of the best men’s underwear UK options out there for everyday as well as hitting the gym.


Cotton: This classic choice is breathable, soft, and generally affordable. It's great for everyday wear but might not be the best for intense physical activities due to its tendency to retain moisture.


Microfiber: Often made from a blend of polyester and spandex, microfiber is known for its moisture-wicking properties and smooth texture. It's ideal for sports and active lifestyles.


Bamboo: Bamboo fabric is soft, hypoallergenic, and has natural antibacterial properties. Its a good option for those with sensitive skin.


2. Fit and Style

The right fit and style are crucial for comfort and support. The primary styles of mens underwear include:


Boxers: Loose-fitting and breathable, boxers are great for lounging but may lack support for more active days.


Briefs: Offering excellent support, briefs are ideal for everyday wear, especially for those with an active lifestyle.


Boxer Briefs: Combining the length of boxers with the support of briefs, boxer briefs are versatile and suitable for both casual and active wear. With the convenience of the thumb Tab and X-Fly as well as the Coccoon for maximum comfort and separation, the Crossfly supportive underwear with pouch is the perfect option for you.


Trunks: Similar to boxer briefs but with a shorter leg, trunks are a modern, stylish option that still offers good support. When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of trunks, it is also important to consider the leg length. With the option for 3-inch, 6-inch and 7-inch lengths, you can make sure you are getting the most out of your choice of underwear every time.


3. Consider the Waistband

A good waistband should be comfortable and stay in place without digging into your skin. Look for waistbands with a blend of elasticity and softness. Branded waistbands often add a stylish touch but make sure they dont compromise on comfort. However, Crossfly men's underwear provides you with the perfect level of comfort with the ZeroFold 360 Waistband to ensure your underwear remains in place all day every day.


4. Purpose and Activity Level

Your daily activities should influence your underwear choice. If youre highly active, prioritize moisture-wicking and supportive options like microfiber boxer briefs. For regular office wear, cotton briefs or trunks might be more suitable as they provide maximum comfort whilst still being practical.


5. Size and Fit

Ill-fitting underwear can lead to discomfort and chafing. Ensure you know your size and consider trying a few different brands and styles to find the perfect fit. At Crossfly we provide a comprehensive sizing guide for both our underwear and socks to ensure you get the perfect size every time. When purchasing Crossfly men's underwear we recommend purchasing a size smaller than normal as the modal fabric we use for manufacture has some stretch.


6. Price and Quality

While it's tempting to go for cheaper options, investing in high-quality underwear can make a significant difference in comfort and longevity. Higher-priced options often use better materials and construction methods, ensuring they last longer and feel better. When it comes to Crossfly we are confident that you will love our product. Whether you opt for the shorter inseam or the longer leg, the level of comfort you will receive from the Coccoon is like no other pair of underwear on the UK market right now.


7. Brand Reputation

Throughout the men's underwear UK market, there have been several heavy hitters with the likes of Marks and Spencer and Calvin Klein being known for their quality, comfort, and stylish designs. But what about the new kids on the block? We provide our customers with several colourway options as well as comfort guaranteed to suit your lifestyle, no matter how active you are. What more could you ask for?

So when it comes to purchasing underwear, there isnt a one-size-fits-all answer to the best men's underwear to buy, but considering factors like fabric, fit, style, waistband comfort, purpose, size, price, and brand reputation can help you make an informed decision. Experiment with different options to discover what suits you best, and don't hesitate to invest in quality pieces that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Finding the perfect underwear can make a world of difference in your daily comfort and confidence. Take the time to explore your options and find what works best for you in the vibrant and diverse UK market.

Try a pair of Crossfly Underwear today and experience unparalleled comfort with every step you take.

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