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Perfect Fit - Men's Underwear by Body Type

No single garment is more important than our underwear. It protects our most sensitive regions and is the final line of defense against the weather, dirt, and irritation.

In the search for the best men's underwear, the best fabric, the best features, the coolest design, one might overlook crucial criteria in selecting the best underwear for oneself: fit.

The perfect fit - Men's underwear

If your underwear doesn't fit correctly, even the world's best fabric won't make it right.

What the body needs

Every body is different, and so the question of fit is an individual one. But there are helpful guidelines, according to your body type, that can guide you toward the best underwear for your body.

In this blog, we'll break down the underwear styles by the body type they tend to suit.

Remember, although archetypal body frames can be helpful for guiding your choices, everyone is a bit different, and nothing can replace trying a pair on for yourself.

Just because someone who's around your size wears one style, doesn't mean the same underwear will fit you.

Boxer briefs et al., the styles

For simplicity's sake, we'll categorize men's underwear in three ways.


Minimal structure, relaxed fit, ample room; this is the classic style we all know. Contemporary designs have updated this staple with improved fabrics and slimmer fits.

Loose boxers


Supportive and form-fitting, this style lies smooth under any pants. Put them on and forget they're even there. For the man who wants a secure fit down there.

Men's Briefs

Boxer briefs

The middle way; a compromise between fit-extremes. Boxer briefs have a longer leg and roomier fit like boxers but retain the supportive features of briefs. With so much grey area to cover, boxer briefs are the most versatile of these three.

Men's Boxers - Crossfly Ikon 6" Boxers

What type of underwear should guys wear?

Guys should wear underwear that fits their bodies. Too loose and the underwear will bunch and fold, too tight and the result is chafing and overheating (which is bad for your reproductive health).

The right underwear will hug your body where you want it to, and give you room where you need it. And it's always made out of breathable, non-irritating, soft fabric.

What happens to your body if you wear tight underwear?

Over-tight undies are more than just uncomfortable - the constriction will raise your body's temperature. That heat, although subtle, can have a negative impact on the male reproductive organs, decreasing the motility and number-count of sperm.

male reproductive organs

Is tight underwear bad for males?

Even if you aren't trying to conceive (and the negative effects will fade over time once you switch to better-fitting underwear), tight-fitting underwear can irritate your skin, leading to rashes and potentially skin infections from chafing and sweating. An overly tight waistband can ruin the comfort of your entire outfit and will dig in when you sit down too.

Remember, heat and moisture are the enemies. You want underwear that keeps your jewels cool and dry, all day long.

What is the most comfortable type of men's underwear?

The best underwear for your body will be suited to your individual needs and preferences. It's a bit of a goldilocks question: not too tight, not too loose, enough support without constricting you.

Body types, and their favorite underwear

Let's cover some broad categories of body types and which underwear style is suited for them.

Slender body frames

For the men with slim legs and small waists, a variation on the boxer brief known as "trunks" may be the best choice.

Trunks are very similar to boxer briefs, but often have a shorter leg and fit more snugly against the skin.

Crossfly IKON 3" Trunks

Besides their flattering fit, trunks are perfect for wearing under slim jeans or other tight pants, as they won't cause bunches or wrinkles.

Athletic body frames (or - the larger man)

Are you packing on the muscle? Or perhaps you have a bodacious posterior in need of some extra accommodation? Boxer briefs are likely your best choice.

By incorporating the roominess of boxer shorts, boxer briefs provide a great solution. The longer legs (compared to trunks or briefs) will hold onto any rippling upper thigh features, like the ones you've been training at the squat rack, and prevent your skivvies from sliding up.

Muscly legs require larger pant

Additionally, a pair of well-fitting briefs can be the solution to a larger-thigh problem. By avoiding the thigh area altogether, you won't have any problems with fabric bunching.

Average body frames

If you don't identify as a smaller guy or a bigger guy, but somewhere in-between, fear not: your choices are broad.

And it's never bad to have too many options. Formal meetings or events to attend? A slim brief will fit perfectly under some suit trousers. Or maybe you'll be wearing lounge pants today - why not go all the way with some luxurious boxers?

Suited in his underwear

Conclusion - finding fit

Of course, there's more to underwear than just boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Banana hammocks, jockstraps, and the like, while valid choices, fall outside the focused scope of this blog.

Just remember - don't go too tight, and don't skimp on fabric.

Those two factors can be the difference between a blissfully comfortable pair and an itchy, overheated mess. Listen to your body, it won't lead you astray.

At Crossfly, we believe you should open your underwear drawer with confidence and joy, knowing that your favorite pairs await you.

That's why we've crafted the finest underwear we could, with innovative design and relentless attention to detail.

No matter your body type, Crossfly has a pair to fit you perfectly. Check out our styles and see which one strikes your fancy.

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